Wakatipu High School 2015 Buses

1) Reviewing and sorting the bus routes is a key task at the start of every school year. While it would be ideal if all bus routes remained the same from year to year, the reality is that we are only entitled to 11 bus routes - even though our roll continues to grow and where our students live changes each year, which means that some bus routes have had to change and other routes have been renamed.

While we have tried to be as proactive as possible in working with Go Bus, the school bus service provider, to anticipate changes and likely routes, there will be a period of several weeks until all the routes are completely finalised.

 While we are certainly hoping for a smooth start to the school year, please note that our number one priority at this time is to simply ensure that students are picked up and dropped off to school on time as we finalise routes and details. Accordingly, please do note that the times on the bus routes spreadsheet are approximate only at this stage so please err on the side of caution during the first weeks. If you are unsure of which stop your child should catch the school bus at, please drop them off at school on Day 1 and have them catch the bus home and ask the driver where their nearest stop is and what time to catch the bus in the morning. We thank you for your patience during these first weeks of the year. 

To see 2015 current bus routes please click here .

2) One important change to note for buses in 2015  is re the change to our timetable on Thursday afternoons. With school now finishing at 2.55pm on Thursdays, buses will run earlier - straight after school finishes. Please note that school still starts at 9.05am on Thursdays and buses still run at normal times on Thursday mornings. 

3) With our growing roll on our 11 bus routes, we no longer have the capacity for students to use different buses to travel to sport, work, friends’ places etc etc. Officially students are only allowed on the specific identified bus route that takes them from their home to school and back again (the only students eligible for another bus route are those that officially live at two addresses). 
2015 Student ID cards will have the coloured name of their bus route and bus. This year students MUST show their Student ID to the bus driver as they get on the bus to and from school. This is a new system and will require a new routine but we no longer have the space on our buses for ineligible students to travel on them. We thank you for your support of the new system and trust it will ensure that are buses are not overloaded and will minimise students standing in aisles where possible. More information will be given out by Tutor Group Teachers in the first week of school.


Wakatipu High School - 2015 Start Information

New students to Wakatipu High School should contact the school office to make an enrolment appointment.

All students: school starts Monday 2 February, with Tutor Group at 8:45 am; all in full school uniform.

Buses run from Thursday 29 January.

2015 Stationary
Please click here to order stationary for 2015. 

2015 Uniform Prices
Please click here to access 2015 uniform prices.

2015 School Term Calendar
Please click here for access to our 2015 calendar.

2015 Enrolment Information

For parents enrolling students for 2015 please complete the Enrolment pack by clicking on the link below and either return a hard copy to the office or scan and return by email to: studentadmin@wakatipu.school.nz
2015 Enrolment Form

Course Option Selection Process & Course Option Booklet

Please click on the links below to access our Course Option selection documents for 2015. 
Course Option Selection Process
Course Option Booklet

Branches Camp 2014
Please click here to access a fantastic video created by our talented staff member Guillaume Charton. This video captures one of the major highlights of the camp - the Lake Lochnagar trip! What a great camp.

G&T Parent Survey Report
Please click here to access the findings from the recent survey that Carolyn Kirkpatrick conducted.


Please click here to read our ERO Report. 

Please click here to read a letter to WHS from Hekia Parata, Minister of Education

New School Announcement

We have just learned that the process for the relocation of Wakatipu High School to the new site at Remarkables Park has been announced by the Minister of Education today (see link below). The proposed opening date is January 2018.


This is an exciting announcement for the Wakatipu, and it is positive to have more certainty regarding the date. 2018 however means that only current Year 9 students will attend the new school, and so our focus remains firmly on delivering a great all-round education to our current students at our current site.


While we will learn more about the PPP (public private partnership) model, it relates to the construction and maintenance of the school – the delivery of education remains the responsibility of the board of trust


Welcome to Wakatipu High School

At Wakatipu High School we emphasise academic excellence together with

cultural activities and

sporting achievement. Enjoy our quality high school education and gain internationally recognised New Zealand qualifications.

Our Vision

  • To become a community of independent learners who have a local, national and global perspective.
  • To foster the desire to be lifelong learners who contribute to the world we live in.


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